Regulatory Compliance

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Regulatory Compliance

Managing continuously evolving compliance regulations for international shipping is a daunting task. CGL Network makes this easier for you by providing solutions that allow you the flexibility to implement country-specific validations, differentiate by country, and provide data fields necessary to satisfy different regulatory requirements.


CGL Network Members has the history, the tools and the partnerships to streamline the documentation-related business processes for shippers, forwarders, NVOCC, and carriers.
CGL Network Shipping Instructions provide seamless connections within the CGL Network members.
CGL Network is a standalone, multi carrier solution that enables the off-line creation of Shipping Orders (SO) and Shipping Instructions (SI). DSO is a PC-based solution custom built to meet the needs of the Chinese export market. DSO helps cargo agents quickly create, submit, and manage all their shipment documents.
Single point of contact for all your e-commerce solution requirements.
Available 24/7 with immediate accessibility. Streamlines your ocean-shipping processes; eliminating errors and speeding up documentation.
Single, standardized process for reaching all your major partners.
Visibility throughout the entire process with tracking and auditing of documents.


Support for multiple container/commodity information, hazardous cargo, split goods and multi-level packaging.


Data fields with rules based on country specific requirements. Compliance with key country customs container security regulations


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