Activity 1

Direct cost savings by reducing manual processing, eliminate costs of in-house software solutions, and eliminating      multiple EDI connections with Members as well as to customers.

Activity 2

  Logistic Control will be through the SQL Server Soft Ware which is on line system.

Activity 3

Monitoring of the Inventory as all members will update their area activities of containers on daily basis.

Activity 4

The Lead Manager shall be responsible for the

In SQl Server System containers were updated on line wise basis.

Utilization of equipment on first come first Serve basis.A safe business environment through the Financial Protection Program .

Updating frequent information among members through NEWS and VIEWS column.

The group’s annual congress brings members multiple business opportunities, enhances cooperation as well as reinforces friendship.

It is an economical way to gather all the members at the same time through the meeting.Fast and updated information about quotation through Quick Quote Request tool..